STSM Opportunities

Below you can find all current STSM opportunities offered by institutes throughout Europe (last update 09/05/2016: added one more STSM opportunities at the top)

Of course you can also arrange for your own STSM with a topic and at an institute of your own choosing.



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Laboratory for Human Brain Dynamics (LHB Combining Geomorphological Connectivity and  Connectivity in the Human Brain? Multiple Andreas A. Ioannides  PDF
University of the Balearic Islands, Spain Multiple, see doc Multiple Joan  PDF
University of Barcelona, Spain Multiple, see doc WG2 Xavier Ú  PDF
Public University of Navarre, Spain Tillage effects on connectivity WG2 Alejandro Martínez de  PDF
Universitat de Valencia, Spain Measuring sediment transport and connectivity WG2 Artemi Cerdà  PDF
University of Belgrade, Serbia Multiple, see doc. WG2 Milica  PDF
Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Germany Analysis of Digital Terrain Models for e.g. development of indices WG4 Tobias  PDF
University of Potsdam, Germany Policy briefing for the soil thematic strategy WG5 Eva Paton  PDF
University of Vienna, Austria Multiple, see doc WG2 Ronald Pö  PDF
University of Padova, Italy Multiple modelling topics, see doc WG3 Nadia  PDF
University of Reykjavik, Iceland Multiple, see doc Multiple David  PDF
University of Cordoba, Spain Measuring and modelling of dominant hydrological and erosive processes in Olive Orchards WG2 & WG3 Encarnación V.   PDF
University of Basel, Switzerland Multiple, see doc Multiple Nikolaus J.  PDF
Wassercluster Lunz, Vienna, Austria Multiple, see doc Multiple Thomas  PDF