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    In this topic you can introduce yourself to the other people of the Cost Action Connecteur. Please let us know something about your research on connectivity, your plans for the future and what you might contribute to the action.

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    David Finger

    Great work, Rens!

    I like the website and all its functions and I am looking forward to further valuable discussions. You can find more information on our works on the site below.

    Best regards,
    Water Resources Expert at the Icelandic Met Office
    IMO web:
    Per. web:


    Dear All
    I’m Sebastiano Trevisani.
    I have seen only few days ago the mail about the web site related to the cost action. Very good initiative!
    So, just to do the ice breaker, a short introduction about myself and above all to what I plan in relation to the action.
    I’m a researcher in applied geology at the University IUAV of Venice, and my research interest are mainly related to geostatistics (and in general in mathematical geosciences), geomorphometry and hydrogeology. There are different reasons because of I’m interested in connectivity. Well, given my past work in hydrogeology, connectivity is a very central point in groundwater movement, and in that field there is a very ample literature dealing with concepts related to connectivity both from the geological perspective (fracture networks, karst aquifers, etc.) as well as from the mathematical and numerical point of view (geostatistical simulations, mathematical morphology, etc.). Then, actually, I’m particularly active with geomorphometry, and in this context connectivity (of water or sediment) is another very interesting theme. Actually I’m working in the context of surface texture analysis from HRDTMs, and some surface-texture indexes can be very useful in the context of connectivity modelling. I submitted a paper where it is presented a new index of surface texture and a related software. Once (well, if!) the paper on the new software will be published I will made freely available the code, so as it will be possible for anyone to play with it.
    I worked also with oceanographers, so I’m curious to see if in this connectivity action also the oceanographical counterpart of connection is or will be considered (I’m thinking for example to the connectivity of sediments in coastal areas).
    Good work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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