WG4 Report Durham Meeting

On September 14th-16th, over 70 colleagues participated in the annual CONNECTEUR conference that took place at the university of Durham/UK.

The conference was structured by the topics of the five working groups, each of whom had half a day to present a progress report, one 30 min keynote lecture, two 15 min lectures given by invited speakers, and poster presentations. Building upon the progress report, each working group posed questions that were then discussed in break-out groups, the results being reported back to the plenary afterwards. This report tries to summarise briefly the results of WG4 discussions regarding a number of questions raised by all working groups. I have taken the liberty to highlight those issues I found particularly important for current and future work in WG4, and I encourage everybody who reads this and has different and/or additional thoughts to communicate them to me.

Here is the report: COST_Durham_ReportWG4