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Comparing sediment connectivity in terraced agriculture and fire-disturbed forests and their consequences for long-term sediment yield using a modeling approach3João Pedro Nunes1PortugalWageningen University (The Netherlands) Report
A network theory approach for a better understanding of overland flow connectivity on hillslopes2,3Rens Masselink1The NetherlandsKU Eicchstaett-Ingolstadt (Germany) Report
Studying the impact of litter quantity and properties on splash erosion using rainfall simulation2Angel Gordillo1SpainWageningen University (The Netherlands) Report
Creating DEM’s from photogrammetry and total station survey for connectivity measurements2Matteo Toro1ItalyUniversity of Lleida (Spain) Report
The effect of facilitation on water and soil connectivity paths in the Mediterranean semiarid brushlands2Chiara Callegaro1ItalyUniversity of Haifa (Israel) Report
Connectivity of sediments and water flow inAgricultural Lands2Massimo Prosdocimi1ItalyUniversity of Valencia (Spain) Report
Watershed Dynamics, with focus on connectivity index and management of water related impacts on road infrastructure4Zahra Kalantari1SwedenNational Research Council, Padova (Italy) Report
Influence of debris flows and large woordy debris on sediment connectivity in an Alpine Valley (Kleinsolk, Styria, Austria)2David Morche1GermanyUniversity of Vienna (Austria) Report
Connecting measurement, experiments and concepts on Olive orchards2Manuel Seeger2GermanyUniversity of Cordoba (Spain) Report
Influence of rock glacier movement, glacier retreat and debris flow events on sediment connectivity in the Italian Alps2,3Ronald Poeppl2GermanyUniversity of Milan (Italy) Report
Effect of alternative soil management in Mediterranean vineyards to reduce sediment and Carbon losses due to water erosion
2,3Agata Novara2ItalyUniversity of Valencia (Spain) Report
Impact of ash type on soil properties and erosion. Implications to connectivity2Paulo Pereira2LithuaniaWageningen University (The Netherlands)Report
Stakeholder analysis of perceived relevance of connectivity issues
across the EU
5Anna Smetanova2FranceUniversity of Potsdam, GermanyReport
The functioning of resprouter patches as sink of overland flow and associated sediment transport on a recently burnt hillslope2Taco Regensburg2The NetherlandsUniversity of Aveiro (Portugal)Report
Connectivity of the rivers Eystri-
Rangá and Ytri-Rangá located within the the Rangárvellir watershed in southern
2Dragana Djordjevic3IcelandUniversity of Reykjavik (Iceland)Report
Earthworm casts as a sediment-source on vegetated hillslopes:
implications for connectivity
2Phil Greenwood3United KingdomUniversity of Exeter (UK)Report
Connectivity and complex systems in geomorphology: addressing some key challenges1Anthony Parsons3United KingdomUniversity of Vienna (Austria)Report
Connectivity of rainfall and human activity impacts on soil erosion processes in Mediterranean vineyardserosion2Jesus Rodrigo-Comino3GermanyUniversity of Valencia (Spain)Report
Tracing vertical transport of soil particles within the vertisol profile2David Zumr3Czech RepublicUniversity of Cordoba (Spain)Report