Stakeholder Questionnaire

Stakeholder questionnaire on the perceived relevance of connectivity issues

WG 5: Connectivity & Society

We established that we actually do not have a clear picture on the existing knowledge and perceived relevance of connectivity issues for stakeholders involved in real-world problems of water and land management. This apparent gap might critically slow down or hinder any transfer or knowledge exchange between the Connecteur COST Action and Society such as authorities, farmers, managers, advisers and policy makers) and will not allow to address actual requirements of the later.

To close this gap, we developed a set of questions for semi-structured stakeholder interviews to evaluate current knowledge and application of connectivity tools (e.g. for monitoring, modelling or decision-making). The questionnaires will be carried out with the help of any interested scientists of the action with their favourite stakeholder. We acknowledged that it will be virtually impossible to carry out multiple interviews with all types of stakeholders for all EU countries involved in water and land management. However, considering the diversity of disciplines, methodologies and thematic emphasis of scientists involved in the Connecteur COST Action, the scientists who are participating in this questionnaire are likely to choose from a wide range of different stakeholder categories, thus enabling the widespread compilation of perceptions and attitudes across Europe.


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For more information on the questionnaire contact Eva Nora Paton.