Freely Available Data

SITE NAME (Country)
EUFAR flight finder (EU)Hyperspectral Airborne DataEurope The EUFAR works to coordinate the operation of instrumented aircraft and hyperspectral imaging sensors, exploiting the skills of experts in airborne measurements in the fields of environmental and geo-sciences, in order to provide researchers with the infrastructure best suited to their need.
Automatic Hydrologic Information System of the Ebro river basin (Spain) –SAIH Ebro-Rainfall, runoff, reservoirs water storage, temperature, real time data, historical data Spain The SAIH is the system that deals with the automatic hydrological information of the whole Ebro Basin (NE Spain). You can visualise and download real time data, and also query historical data. Additional data can be obtained in the Ebro Water Authorities:
Geographic National Institute (Spain) –IGN-Airborne LiDAR data, contemporary and historical aerials, geographic data sets, land cover and use data setsSpain The IGN is s Spanish Institute that deals with geographic information from Spain. The IGN has an online platform form which you can visualise and download available data sets, including the raw Airborne LiDAR for the whole Spain.
SNIRH – National Water Resources Information System (Portugal)Hydrometeorological DataPortugal contains data for all the hydrometeorological network in Portugal, including climatic variables (rainfall, temperature, etc) and hydrological variables (streamflow, water quality, groundwater levels etc) for hundreds of stations. Historical data goes back to the 1930s in some cases and to the 1980s for most stations. For climate and streamflow, daily data is available until the 2000s and hourly data afterwards; hourly turbidity and other quality parameters are also available since the 2000s.