Prague Conference Abstracts

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Perspectives on scientists-stakeholders dialogue in ConnecteurAnna Smetanová and Eva Nora MüllerTalkPDF
Observation of the dominant runoff pathways on inclined arable soilsDavid Zumr, Jakub Je?ábek, Lud?k Strouhal, Petr Kavka, TomᚠDostálTalkPDF
Why connectivity indices and models are sometimes valuable – and sometimes notGerard GoversTalkPDF
Potential of iron oxides to assess connectivity in sediment transportGema Guzman and Jose A. GomezTalkPDF
Application of UAV photogrammetry and automated sensor network for tracking the fluvial dynamics of a montane streamJakub LanghammerTalkPDF
The effect of soil macrofauna on soil physical properties in post mining soilsJan FrouzTalkPDF
Data from everywhere: towards real time spatially resolved data on sediment transportJohn Quinton, Robert Hardy and Jacqueline PatesTalkPDF
Seeing the connectivity through a model - lessons learned from physically based soil erosion modelingMarcus SchindewolfTalkPDF
Overland flow connectivity under fill-and-spill and saturation excess mechanismsMike KirkbyTalkPDF
Modelling the coevolution of system structures and hydrologic connectivity in semiarid landscapesPatricia M. SacoTalkPDF
Minimizing hydrological and sedimentological connectivity in arable landscapes - long-term monitoring and process-oriented modellingPeter FienerTalkPDF
Landscape connectivity and human interference - some examplesPeter StraussTalkPDF
Scale matters: contrasting hillslope and catchment scale calibration results for sediment fluxes using the LAPSUS-D modelRens J.H. Masselink, Arnaud J.A.M. Temme, João Pedro Nunes, Saskia D. Keesstra, Javier CasalíTalkPDF
Testing post fire restoration efficiency. Monte vivo erosion control barriersAgustín Bermejo Fernández and Enrique Albert BeldaPosterPDF
Spatial analysis of sediment connectivity for the management of soil conservation structuresAleix Calsamiglia, Josep Fortesa, Julián García-Comendador, Adolfo Calvo-Cases, Joan EstranyPosterPDF
The impact of biota on sediment and water connectivity in orchardsArtemi Cerdà, Rafael González Camarena, María Burguet, Saskia Keesstra, Paulo PereiraPosterPDF
The connectivity of the sediment and nutrients in Czech RepublicBauer M., Dostál T., Krása J., Jáchymová B.PosterPDF
Climate and land-use change impacts on sediment transport in the River Thames (UK)Bussi G., Dadson S.J., Whitehead P.G.PosterPDF
Runoff generation and flow paths on an inclined cultivated soilDavid Zumr, Lud?k Strouhal, Jewel Guliani, Petr KavkaPosterPDF
The connectivity of the sediment and nutrients in Czech RepublicDevátý Jan, Dostál Tomáš, Hösl Rosemarie, Krása Josef, Strauss PeterPosterPDF
Spatial and temporal variability of spontaneous grass cover and its influence on sediment losses in an extensive olive orchard catchmentE. V. Taguas, K. Vanderlinden, A. Pedrera-Parrilla, J.V. Gir ?aldez, J.A. GómezPosterPDF
Testing the use of 210Pbex for the study of fine sediment connectivity hypotheses in a small mountain Mediterranean catchment with badlandsFrancesc Gallart, Mariano Moreno de las Heras , Jerome Latron , Núria Mart ??nez-Carreras , Laura Ferrer and Joan EstranyPosterPDF
Effects of some watershed characteristics on water yieldHayati Zengin, Mehmet Özcan, Ahmet Salih De?ermenci, Tar?k ÇitgezPosterPDF
A comparison of PERSiST and HBV catchment-based hydrological models for evaluating the runoff from a small catchmentIlona Kasa, Agota Horel, Gyorgyi Gelybo, Zsofia Bakacsi, Eszter T ?oth, Sandor Koos, Marton Dencso, Csilla FarkasPosterPDF
Stabilization and re-distribution of soil organic carbon in post-fire mediterranean landscapes: the influence of erosion processes at hill-slope scaleJ. Campo, E. Cammeraat, E. Gimeno-García, V. AndreuPosterPDF
Using the electrical resistivity tomography to capture the topsoil-subsoil delineation at an agricultural areaJakub Je?ábek, David Zumr, Tomíš Dostál, Milena CíslerováPosterPDF
Soil surface components as key factor of soil erosion processes in sloping Mediterranean vineyardsJesús Rodrigo Comino, José María Senciales, Antonio Guerra, Manuel Seeger, José Damián Ruiz Sinoga, Johannes RiesPosterPDF
Natural and anthropogenic condition for slope-channel connectivity in cultivated lands (Wi?nicz Foothills Southern Poland)Jolanta ?wi?chowiczPosterPDF
Hydrological connectivity and sediment connectivity in physically-based, distributed modelling of flow and transport processes in Finnish forested catchmentsKersti Haahti and Hanne Laine-KaulioPosterPDF
Modelling hydrological connectivity in burned areas. A case study from South of SpainManuel López-Vicente and Juan F. Martínez-MurilloPosterPDF
Effect of DEM resolution on simulated hydrological connectivity in a Mediterranean agro-ecosystem with different cropsManuel López-Vicente and Sara ÁlvarezPosterPDF
Compound specific stable isotopes and specific biomarkers to trace sediment origin and connectivity of sediment source areas to freshwater systems: case of the Baldeggersee catchment (Switzerland)Marlène Lavrieux, Katrin Meusburger, Axel Birkholz, Christine AlewellPosterPDF
Three scales of spatio-temporal connectivity measurement - methodological framework and databases generationMilan Lehotský, Miloš Rusnák, Anna Kidová, Ján SládekPosterPDF
Changes in hydrological connectivity due to farmland abandonment in terraced fieldsN. Lana-Renault, M. López-Vicente, J.A. Llorente, P. Ruiz-Flaño, J. Arnáez, I. GalileaPosterPDF
Developing of the SMODERP 2DPetr Kavka, Jakub Je?ábekPosterPDF
From research to real life soil conservationPineux N., Staquet J.B., Demarcin P., Swerts G., Bielders C., Dege A.PosterPDF
Timescales and controls on phosphorus mobilisation from a grassland hillslope with declining soil PRachel Cassidy, Donnacha Doody, Catherine WatsonPosterPDF
Soil electrical conductivity as a tool for assessment of sediment connectivity in the loess catchmentRejman J., Rafalska-Przysucha A., Jadczyszyn J.PosterPDF
A case study of red soil in Southern Pirin Mountain, BulgariaRossitza Kenderova , Ahinora Baltakova , Marlena YanevaPosterPDF
Effects of check dams on sediment dynamics in a debris-flow catchmentSara Cucchiaro, Aleix Calsamiglia, Marco Cavalli, Federico Cazorzi, Stefano Crema, Lorenzo MarchiPosterPDF
Investigation of detachment rate and transport distance of sediment under controlled conditions in raindrop impacted thin surface flowsWolfgang Fister, Nicole Lotz, Elisabeth Reichle, P.I.A. Kinnell, Nikolaus J. KuhnPosterPDF