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    With a cold hum, Guo Liu put his right hand into his arms, stretched out his hand and shook it, and an object flew out of his hand, screaming and flying behind Ding San, as fast as an arrow. Ding San had long heard the footsteps behind him, but he didn’t care, but when he saw Guo Liu reaching into his bosom, the look of indifference on his face was swept away, and his look became extremely dignified. The track of that thing was supposed to fly from the left of Ding San, but the speed was so fast that Wang Tianyi saw Ding San draw his sword, but this surprised him even more. Ding San carried the sword in his left hand. Instead of drawing the sword with his right forehand, he let go of the scabbard with his left hand holding the scabbard. Then he held the hilt forward like lightning. His backhand drew the sword out of the sheath like a dagger. He cut an arc along his left body. The target was not Qi Ju behind him, but Guo Liu’s hidden weapon that broke through the air. Ding, the sword knocked the hidden weapon away. Flying hidden weapon, Qi Ju’s black palm has almost reached the back of Ding San, Ding San’s head is not back, the upper body falls forward, homeopathic backward a flying kick. As soon as his upper body fell down, he avoided Qi Ju’s palm,collapsible bulk container, and his right foot and Qi Ju’s right palm crossed, and he kicked his nose firmly. His body like Qi Ju Mountain fell back, and the nosebleeds from his broken nose drew a perfect semicircle in the air. I told you! Don’t kill people! Ding San didn’t care about Qi Ju, who was rolling on the ground with his nose covered behind his back, and scolded Guo Liu angrily. Bullshit, my bone nail is facing his right hand, I just want to destroy his martial arts! I’m interested in killing this kind of waste? You bastard,plastic wheelie bins, you can’t see if you don’t have eyes behind you! Good intentions are not rewarded, dare to hit my bone nail, I let you hit enough! Guo Liu jumped up and shouted at Ding San without any sign of weakness, saying that he put his hand into his arms again. No, no, no! I was wrong! I was wrong! I didn’t see it with my eyes behind me. I’m sorry. Ding San saw that Guo Liu was more angry than he was and immediately softened, and when he saw Guo Liu put his hand into his arms, he was in a panic. Hum! Pick up the nail through the bone for me! Guo Liu saw that Ding San was soft, so he took his hand back. Wang Tianyi looked at Ding San crawling around looking for the nail, and Qi Ju was also confused, he was beaten so many times without internal injury, the other side will not use internal force at all? Then why are you no match for the other side? He felt puzzled and confused. He sat on the ground, squinting his eyes and covering his nose. He didn’t dare to come forward again. Finally, he got up from the ground and led his men to run to the city of Jinan. He wanted to put down a cruel word when he left. As soon as he pointed his finger at the two men, plastic bulk containers ,collapsible pallet box, he happened to meet Guo Liu’s eyes. As soon as the eyes of both sides crossed, Qi Ju Leng didn’t dare to say anything and stayed for a while. He took his fingers back slowly, turned around, covered his face with his hands, and ran away. Here, here! Wang Tianyi looked at Ding San’s face and gave the nail to Guo Liu. The nail was so dark that he didn’t know what it was. Everyone has run away! Ah! At the beginning, a martial artist threw a few copper coins, and I went to pick them up, ha ha! Ding San was very depressed when he saw that all the people had run away. Suddenly, he remembered that the martial artist who had treated them as beggars had thrown a few copper coins and became happy again. The original onlookers were still watching from a distance after being driven away, but later saw Ding San repaired Qi Ju, Qi Ju covered his face and ran back to the city, several thugs also looked at these people with hatred, they all ran away. There were only three of them left in the clearing. Guo Liuyi grabbed Ding San, who was going to pick up money on the ground, and secretly pointed his finger to the other side. Ding San looked at him in astonishment. It was just like Wang Tianyi standing there in a dream with a sleepwalking expression on his face. The meat hasn’t run yet! Guo Liu poked Ding San like a thief. Volume 2 Drizzle Xintong Section 5 Fighting Bravely Black Dragon Novel Updated: 2009-7-22 4:40:48 Words in this chapter: 3073 “Ha!”! Yes, his sword is fast enough! Ding San understood Guo Liu’s meaning and said excitedly, “but does he dare to compare?” Ding San felt that he had shown too much martial arts. Look at me! Guo Liu laughed and turned to Wang Tianyi. When he came near, he clasped his fists and bowed. Wang Tianyi came to his senses and quickly returned the salute.
    With an expression of helplessness, Guo Liu sighed deeply and said, “Now that my brothers have seen it, I won’t hide it.”. When our brother was collecting herbs on the mountain, he accidentally fell off the cliff and was caught by a branch. Unexpectedly, he found a cave.. “Guo Liu peeked at Wang Tianyi and found that his sleepwalking expression came back. He was secretly pleased. Just as he was about to go on, he turned his head and found that Ding San had come over to listen, with the same sleepwalking expression on his face. He couldn’t help staring at him mercilessly, which startled Ding San. This cave is in the middle of the cliff, surrounded by smooth stones, we can not go down, did not expect that there is an old man living in the cave, is a martial arts master, passed on our martial arts for three years.. “Guo Liu continued to say.” Hey, when did this happen? I don’t remember. Ding San interrupted. Guo Liu turned around and grabbed the front of Ding San’s clothes. His eyes turned red. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Three!”! Year! Front! Ah As soon as Ding Sanyi was in a daze, he suddenly gave a long “oh”. Guo Liu nodded, turned his head and said to Wang Tianyi with regret: “My brother fell on his head at that time, a little dementia, alas.” Then the tone rose: “I learned the hidden weapon, but my brother couldn’t understand the swordsmanship because of his bad brain. The old man passed on his kungfu. Although he was holding the sword we picked up in the cave, he knew nothing about swordsmanship..” “Guo Liu, what you said about me..” Ding San’s facial muscles were already twisted, and he couldn’t help interrupting when he heard this. ” Brother, do you think I’m right? Guo Liu asked Ding San with a smile and whispered the word “meat.” Ding San thought for a long time before he said, “Yes.” That’s why we want to sell the sword,stackable plastic pallets, because we don’t need it! I think you are handsome, brother, and he looks shifty-eyed. How can you match this sword? I really hope you can continue to compare. Maybe the sword is your brother. Guo Liu exulted. cnplasticpallet.com