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    Blue heard his words and was stunned for a long time. What does he mean? Suddenly, she thought of Lin Yuxuan. Does he mean Lin Yuxuan? Originally, Lin Yuxuan said to him. But why say it to him? To tell him not to come to her again? It was ridiculous that he hated her too late, so how could he come to her? Look how sanctimonious he is, and don’t think about what he just did to her. Since he knew that she was still Lin Yuxuan’s wife, wasn’t he frivolous and insulting to her just now? All of a sudden, blue is very angry. Thinking that he was looking down on her, she was so angry that she wanted to hit someone. The elevator door opened and she just stood there motionless as they walked in. Ray squinted at her. What was she angry about? Would telling Famo not to bully her make her angry? When the elevator door was closed, he pressed it and opened it again. Beauty? Why don’t you go down? Farmer winked at her. How did she become a married woman? Isn’t Ray out of the question? He glanced carefully at Ray beside him, who was looking at her with a sullen face. Blue went over angrily, walked into the elevator and stood behind him. The elevator door closed after she entered. She stared at his tall figure and wanted to give him a few punches. Ray looked at her reflection in the elevator door, at her fierce expression, and couldn’t help laughing. Smile softly and silently. There was a silence in the elevator. To the floor of the design department, the door opened, blue just want to go out quickly. Only to see Ray and Farmer go out. What’s he doing here? She stood there and froze again. The president came to the design department. Although this is not a strange thing,best green coffee bean extract, it will come several times in a month, but each time it will cause quite a stir. This time is no exception. And she came in with the new little guy. He looked around and headed for the manager’s office. Blue? Why did you come with the president? “Yes, yes.” Did you bring the president here? “Wow, he’s so handsome. Every time I see him, he’s more handsome than the last time.” And more excited. Blue couldn’t help rolling his eyes. And then I thought it was funny. Five years ago, she was like one of them now. Every time she saw him,tannic acid astringent, she was more moved. Every time she saw him, she loved him more. Now, it’s not that I don’t love him, but that I can’t afford to love him. What’s wrong I don’t know when Ling Rui came to her and asked her with a cold face. Ah I don’t know. She looked at him blankly. Sometimes I really don’t know whether she is playing dumb or scheming, or I really don’t know. Ling Rui looked at her helplessly and turned to her seat. After a while, Ray came out of the manager’s office, followed by Farmer and the submissive manager, and. Beautiful and dazzling Song Yiran. Blue blinked, it was really Song Yiran. When did she come in? Why didn’t she hear about it? “Look at that woman, I hear she’s a world-famous jewelry designer.” What is she doing here? You’re not asking us to design her clothes, are you? “No, turmeric extract powder ,ghana seed extract, it’s not easy for her to get clothes. They all have their own designers.” I hear she’s the future president’s wife? But it’s really beautiful. Blue’s heart missed a beat and it hurt in an instant. Hello Hello, Blue? What about you? “Huh?”? What’s the matter? Blue looked doubtfully at the woman who had just been chatting enthusiastically. “Why would you call her?” Blue.. Behind her, Song Yiran gracefully approached her, she turned around, looked at her smiling face, and so a moment of absence, she is really a beautiful woman is not it? “It’s nice to be able to work with you in the future!” She smiled and hugged her. Blue is frozen there. Did she hear right? She almost lost her jaw when she heard it. Song Yiran felt that he was stiff, and that was the result she wanted. I want to appear in front of you all the time, let you feel my existence, let you feel your seat. She let go of her and turned to smile at the same stunned person as Lan: “In the future, please give me a lot of advice..” At this time, the manager also came to speak: “This is Miss Song, presumably everyone should know.”.
    Miss Song has nothing to do in China this time, so she wants to come and learn how to design clothes. Cough.. The manager was a little embarrassed, not knowing if it was right to say so, he coughed to cover up his helplessness, “In the future, we are all colleagues, we take care of each other..” As soon as the manager’s words fell, the people who had been stupefied were all smiling and bowing and scraping to Song Yiran. Rumors in the company Ray stood watching for a moment, then turned and walked out. General Manager Lei, please take care. The manager had another submissive look. I’ll go first, too. I’ll come to work on time tomorrow. Song Yiran went out with a smile. He took two steps quickly and caught up with the thunder in front of him. Blue saw him holding Ray’s arm and said something to her with a smile. I can’t see his expression, but she should be smiling, too. She suddenly thought of his smile at her at the press conference, and her heart ached again. Ling Rui could not see what Song Yiran’s intention was, but it seemed very simple, and it should not hurt the blue. She is such a famous jewelry designer that she has to think about her fame. But it’s a good match for her. In that case, let the blue die of this heart. He sat back in his seat without a trace. He took out his cell phone and pressed the keyboard. Blue is still immersed in the words of Song Yiran just now, what is her purpose? Is it just to remind her not to go near him? Isn’t that ridiculous? Since the words are so clear, five years ago she chose to protect him, then five years later she will still make such a choice, is it still afraid of her change of heart? Why do you do such a meaningless thing? She smiled faintly. Find your seat and sit down. The mobile phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated, which made her legs numb. She took it out hurriedly and found that it was a text message: Where to eat dinner? It’s from Ling Rui. She smiled and looked at him. He was looking at her, too,phycocyanin spirulina, blinking childishly. Blue’s heart is warm, this little guy, really. She quickly replied: “Go home.”. prius-biotech.com