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    Anyway, there was a row of empty bottles of whiskey on the ground. I probably looked at them. There were more than a dozen bottles. Inside the room on the sofa, on the stall, are lying full of people, these girls one by one clothes are not neat, jade body horizontal appearance, so fierce look, quite attractive. Hangover and revelry, there are still people sleeping until about 10 am. When some girls woke up, they looked tired and ran around looking for cigarettes. Such a scene, more or less let me feel some feelings in my heart. At least in the past, when I worked in nightclubs, I often experienced this kind of all-night party scene. When some young ladies woke up, they were not in a hurry to get dressed-they had been crazy last night anyway. They didn’t care about their naked bodies. They just pulled their coats around them at random and simply put them on. Others generously asked me if I had any cigarettes. I smiled, took out a hundred yuan and threw it to one of them and asked her to go out and buy cigarettes. I know that the most high-end cigarettes in Vietnam are called Victory cigarettes, and the high-end ones are only about 20 yuan a pack. The young lady immediately beamed and ran out on tiptoe with the money. A few packs of cigarettes came back in a moment, and then a group of girls came to grab the cigarettes. I rubbed my temples and felt a headache. Even though I didn’t drink too much last night. But after a long talk with Hong Da in the morning, I had too many things to think about in my mind. Some feelings of lack of energy. And the fat man. Alas. I sighed and called again, but I still couldn’t get through. After Hong Da talked to me in the morning. It seemed that the burden in his heart had been lifted, but he was relaxed and hugged the two girls to the small private room next door to supplement their sleep, while I had to think about the next step. Ciro The three of us were leaving the club in the morning. I threw a lot of money down, and here I had the style of an old man,jujube seed powder, and the nightclub from the head waiter to the waiter took my tips. I glanced at Ciro, who was in better spirits than me. But his mood is very low. I smiled at him, and he bared his teeth at me with an ugly smile. I threw a pack of cigarettes in the past, and Ciro didn’t say much, but just smoked. I know. He needs to figure something out. At this time. A pair of soft hands gently pressed on my head, and then I felt the woman’s soft fingers pressing on my sun, gently rubbing, helping me massage up. I looked back. It was the mixed-race beauty. I smiled at her. “Wake up.” Her hair was fluffy and her face was lazy when she just woke up. But the eyes are bright. She gave me a gentle massage and whispered, “I’m fine.”. I’m glad I went out with you last night. I understood what she meant. Most of the people who stayed in the room drank a lot of wine, and she accompanied them out for a walk. She didn’t drink much, and she could make more money. I took one look at her and felt that the girl looked more and more pleasing to the eye. She is very beautiful, lutein eye complex ,turmeric extract powder, the kind of beauty with a touch of seduction. Especially the appearance of just waking up in the morning, some lazy and attractive taste, the eyes are very attractive. I took a long breath, hugged her with my backhand, and then easily hugged her and put her on my lap. She gave an exclamation and then quickly calmed down. Eyes flashed a smile, a pair of small hands along my thighs began to grope up. I pressed her hand gently and said slowly, “No.” Please massage my head. I have a headache. There was a flicker of disappointment in her eyes, but she rallied immediately, and I lay down on the sofa with my head on her lap. Her technique is not skilled, obviously not good at massage, but fortunately, her fingers are very soft, so I feel very comfortable. Around a group of girls almost woke up, one by one gathered around to smoke and chat, they spoke Vietnamese, I could not understand a word anyway. I thought about it, took out my wallet, took out the money inside, gave them a tip, and let them go. I looked up at the mixed-race beauty: “You also go back, you can go home to sleep.” Then I took out the money and gave it to her.
    She took the bill and stuffed it into her pocket. After thinking about it, she narrowed her eyes and smiled at me. “I’ll stay with you for a while and press it for you.” I smiled and said nothing. I realized that this girl probably had some affection for me. How long will you stay in Hanoi? After a moment’s silence, the girl suddenly asked me. I smiled and said nothing. Will you come to me again? Her voice is very gentle. But I understand that this kind of “gentleness” is also professional! Her purpose is to hope that I will come here again to support her. Joking, I was so generous last night, such a God of wealth, of course, others are eager for you to come! This girl is very smart. No wonder it’s Miss Red Card here. Don’t think that the red card is easy to be, and don’t think that as long as the young lady is willing to go out and let the guests hold the guest model, she is willing to pull down her face and take off her clothes and drill into the man’s arms. Those are the lowest grade. Only a nymphomaniac or a horny man who has never seen a woman will like this. This hybrid mm obviously has a lot of technology. She will not drill into your arms, will not deliberately take off her clothes to tempt you, but like now, after a hangover, happy to make a gentle look, gently massage me, and then look at you with affectionate tone and gentle eyes. This method is much more clever! I smiled. “I don’t know.”. I’ll come and see you when I have a chance. There was some bitterness in her eyes, and I couldn’t help sighing that the way of Nizi was too deep. When at home. Those who can make a play so lifelike are almost all the super red card ladies who are famous on one side! I felt her fingers slowly sliding down my forehead, intentionally or unintentionally sliding across my face,pumpkin seed extract, gently rubbing her fingertips on my skin.. Finally, it landed on my chest slowly. Her fingers deftly opened my collar and she suddenly said with a smile, “Yi?”? What is this Her fingers nipped the ring around my neck. prius-biotech.com