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    What exactly is meant to be? If her father is still there, and there is no Du Yunlan in Anjia, and she is Miss Anjia, is it possible for them to be blessed? An Xiaowan bit his lip and suddenly felt that he had been very hypocritical recently. Regardless of the future, it’s just about falling in love. Is it difficult to talk about marriage? These people are really boring. What’s more, I don’t know if the so-called engagement is true or false. However, as Yan Cheng said, she seems to be a little less concerned about Huo Shen. She thought so, then took out her cell phone and dialed Huo Shen’s phone. Chapter 442 of the main text is not like you. The other side was quickly connected, but the man’s voice did not appear for a long time. An Xiaowan pursed his lips and let his voice take on a trace of joy. “Are you busy tonight?” He chuckled. The man over there with his cell phone, his eyes downcast, was signing his name on a document, while Lotssuke stood in front of him waiting to report what was to come. So he closed the file with one hand and put it aside and answered, “Busy, you can eat your own dinner today. I’ll be back later.” An Xiaowan immediately recognized that he should have something to deal with. Without saying much, she hung up the phone. She could not help frowning as she untied the wire and moved her sore limbs. She looked at the time, it was more than six o’clock at the moment, but Huo Shen’s meaning on the phone seemed to be busy all the time, and she didn’t plan to eat at all. An Xiaowan immediately thought that before he seemed to often work overtime, and then forgot to eat, Lotte help even a few reminders are useless,tannic acid astringent, must be busy until the end of the matter. Do not eat on time, stay up late to sleep, running around tired, no wonder, this headache problem is always committed. Susan glanced at her. “What are you thinking?”? With a tangled face. She lowered her eyes and saw that she seemed to want to send a message, but the recipient was still Lotte, so she immediately guessed something and patted her on the shoulder with a chuckle, “Xiao Wan,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, it’s not like you.” She knows Ann too well, this woman usually seems to be fearless, publicity and calm, but in fact really use the heart, but worry more, think and hesitate. An Xiaowan raised her eyebrows under Susan’s shoulder pat, and her red lips were gently raised. Yeah, what’s the problem? It’s not like him! So a text message was sent out. When Luo Tezhu received the text message, he was busy dealing with things, but he quickly replied: “Huo Shao is still busy, did not eat, dare not disturb.”. An Xiaowan saw the reply and quickly looked up and said, “Sister Susan, change the direction. I want to go to Huo’s Building.” “Good.” Susan immediately turned the wheel and drove in the direction of the Huo’s Building. “You’re not going to have dinner with me, are you?” She said with a narrow look? Looking for a man? Ann Xiaowan knew that Susan didn’t care about this at all, carnosic acid price ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, so she smiled and said, “I’ll treat you to a good meal next time.” “I have to choose that place.” “No problem!” The car was parked downstairs in Huo’s building. An Xiaowan got out of the car and went to a high-end restaurant downstairs to pack a meal. Huo Shen often goes to this restaurant, and he likes the taste. Holding a beautiful lunch box, An Xiaowan went all the way to the president’s floor. On the floor of the president’s office, everyone is busy. The door of Huo Shen’s office was closed, and there seemed to be a meeting inside. When Lotte saw Ann coming late, he went over in surprise. “Miss Ann, Huo Shao is in a meeting. If you have something to do, you may have to wait a little.” She nodded and looked at the time. It’s almost eight o’clock. An Xiaowan put down the lunch box and found a seat to sit down and wait. But as time went by, the man in the office was still in the meeting, and there was no movement to come out. She looked at Lotte, “Huo Shao, how long will it take?”? Don’t eat? An Xiaowan looked at the door and sighed, picked up the lunch box and went straight to the door of the office. Knock, knock, knock. She tapped on the door. The voice of the people inside stopped immediately. They subconsciously look at Huo Shen, after all, this time, Huo Shen is not allowed to be disturbed. Chapter 443 of the main text, my woman, are you on guard? Even Lotte, at such an important meeting, did not dare to come in at will to report anything.
    However, the man in front of the table suddenly raised his black eyes slightly and opened his thin lips lightly: “Come in.” The voice was calm and magnetic, very gentle, and did not seem to be angry at all. Everyone looked at each other and immediately cast their eyes on the door to see who was so bold. The door was slowly pushed open. Then, a beautiful and amazing figure, with elegant and light steps, with the aroma of food, stepped in. Her long legs are straight and white, and when she walks, she interprets the momentum of high-heeled shoes perfectly. That beautiful face is full of ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, do not need what special performance, let a person feel this woman is charming extremely. As soon as Ann went in, she found that there were not many people in the office. Three men and a woman, one of them is Lu Yange, the other, some look familiar, but can not call out the name. She looked at Huo Shen and walked straight past them to the desk. The lunch box in her hand was gently put on the table by her. Lu Yange understood the tolerance of An Xiaowan in Huo Shen, but others did not know. So they looked at Ann one after another, with some contempt in their eyes, and waited for the embarrassing scene of the woman being driven out. Although, they also heard that Huo Ye had a woman, and very fond of, but this kind of bottom line about official business, Huo Ye this kind of rigorous person, should never allow a woman to interfere. What time do you see? An Xiaowan went to Huo Shen’s side,rosmarinic acid supplement, pulled up a chair and sat down directly. Huo Shen slightly frowned at her, but did not immediately get angry, just glanced at the time. 8:43:25. His sexy thin lips opened lightly and reported the precise time very strictly. ……” An Xiaowan twitched at the corners of his mouth. prius-biotech.com