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    Haoyue, why are you here? Aren’t you meeting with the Minister of the Palace? “Susu looked at Haoyue with a surprised look on her face. Haoyue pulled Susu, looked at me, and then walked out of Cuiting Tower.” Let’s all go back and do our work well. Don’t delay. I motioned for everyone to leave and sat down on the stool, recalling what had just happened. Everything came so suddenly that I felt a little overwhelmed. Why does the bright moon appear here? Doesn’t he need me no more? Thinking of this, tears flowed down again. Empress, don’t be sad. I think the emperor has a reason to do so. Sooner or later, he will explain to you and come back to you. I smiled bitterly. Chunju didn’t understand. My relationship with Haoyue was not what she imagined. I had no reason and could not explain it to her. I could only say to her, “I hope so.” The program has come to mind. It’s time to think about what kind of clothes to wear to perform on the stage. Wear the clothes in the palace. I think it’s too complicated, and it doesn’t match the songs I sing. I’d better wear my own clothes. However, I only have these four clothes, the two suspenders are too exposed, certainly not suitable for wearing, and the other two are too simple, not suitable, it is better to ask the tailor to imitate my clothes to redesign it. All right, I have thought about it, there are five days to Haoyue’s birthday, then I don’t know if he is so cold to me? By the way, I still have a gift that I haven’t thought of. How to say, singing as a gift is still a little inappropriate. It’s better to weave a hand rope. Suddenly, I thought of the mysterious wish written by Haoyue on the night when Kongming Lantern made a wish. Seeing his attention,ghana seed extract, that wish is very important. It’s better to fold the wishing star and give it to him. There are still five days to go. It should be enough time to do it. All right, it’s decided. Let’s give him these two things. Then, I call spring chrysanthemum to prepare the thing that I need again, taking a few to knit a rope to knit rise, used the time of half a day to just knit it, spring chrysanthemum saw, one face looks at the hand rope in my hand excitedly to say to me: “Empress, knit very beautifully!”! Can you teach me how to knit? “Yes,ghana seed extract, but I can’t teach you until after Haoyue’s birthday, because it’s a gift for Haoyue.” “Oh, yes!” “Remember to keep it a secret!” “Well, I know.” Then I took the paper I had prepared and folded it. Chunju looked at me curiously, “What is this?”? Why is it so strange? “You’ll know when I fold it.” “Well, look, don’t they look like stars in the sky?” “Why, it’s really like that!” “This is called a wishing star. It is said that you can make a wish come true by folding it to a thousand and then making a wish to it.” “Wow, how long does it take to fold a thousand?” I don’t know. I haven’t folded it yet, but I’m sure it will be ready before my birthday. So, I’m not free these days. Don’t bother me. “Chunju knows.” Chapter 18 the truth That day, I was struggling to make a wish in the star, the spring chrysanthemum hurriedly ran in, “empress, empress!”! ~~~~~~~~” “What’s the matter?”? Didn’t you say not to bother me? “No, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,saw palmetto extract, yes, the emperor is coming.” As soon as I heard this, I was worried. “Quick, stop him and tell him not to come in.” Chunju promised to go out. I hastily put away all the stars. As soon as she had put it away, she heard Chunju say outside, “The empress has ordered the emperor to stay.” “Let me in and don’t stop me.” Then the door was pushed open, and Haoyue walked in quickly, pulling me out without saying anything. Where are you taking me? Let go of me! Haoyue didn’t say anything, but just pulled me along. Walking to the place where we put the Kongming lantern that day, he let go of me, turned around and bowed his head, and kissed me.
    What a gentle kiss! I was confused for a moment, since you don’t need me, why do you kiss me, it will only increase my pain, do you want to make me suffer in the first place? I heard Haoyue murmur, “Yue, why are you avoiding me?”? Am I so unworthy of seeing you? Haoyue, do I have to look at you and Su Su’s affectionate appearance, you are happy? Are you avoiding me? How can I avoid you? When Haoyue saw me staring at him, he hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, “Why do you believe in rumors?”? Why don’t you believe me? “Why don’t I believe you?” “Then why avoid me?” I forced a smile. “I’m not avoiding you. You’re all with Susu. I have no reason to get in the middle of you, right?” I knew you misunderstood and told you not to believe it. I’m just chatting with Susu, nothing else. Because she said to me that night, as long as I accompany her for seven days, do not go to Cuiting Building within seven days, do not go to see you, and do not let you know during this period of time, she will help me persuade Yifeng to defend the frontier, because she is Yifeng’s cousin, so I know she has the ability to persuade him. In order to relieve the danger of the frontier, I had to promise her. So I haven’t been to your place these days, but I will go to your place again from today. “In fact, you don’t have to explain anything to me. You and Susu are husband and wife. That’s the way it should be, and I’m just pretending.” “Do you really think so?” Haoyue looked at me disappointedly, and I was a little surprised, wasn’t it? “Well, if you have something to say, you can say it tonight.” With that, he gave me a bad smile, pulled me back to the Cuiting Building, and then left. Do not know why, after listening to his words, my mood suddenly relaxed a lot, Chunju saw me back, just looked at me ambiguously, did not ask what. I did not explain what, after all, such a situation,phycocyanin spirulina, I do not know how to explain. In the evening, the bright moon came as expected. As soon as he came in, he looked at me quietly. I was embarrassed by him. “What’s wrong?”? Is there something on my face? Why are you looking at me like that? “Was the song you sang yesterday about me?” 。 prius-biotech.com