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    The day after tomorrow was Christmas. He bought a bunch of rattan ball lights and star lights, and sent a Christmas tree to his home. He wanted to decorate the living room and bedroom with her. A few steps up the stairs, the doorbell began to ring. He turned around and motioned to his aunt to open the door for him. Opening the door, the courier handed over a huge box. Duan Baiyan was silent and decided to open the express first. The box is tall and big, but surprisingly light to hold. Duan Baiyan did not know what was inside, but first saw a sentence outside the box: -Merry Christmas! White bamboo rat! The inscription reads: Jiang Lianque, who has a good sex life. Duan Baiyan: “..” He carefully cut open the box with a box cutter, looked down and saw a big tent. Grass Duan Baiyan found a pair of chopsticks, suspicious, trying to pull the grass. Dial and dial, nothing comes out. Duan Baiyan: “..” Why did Jiang Lianque send him a box of grass halfway around the world. However, just as he was about to throw away the box, the grass moved. Duan Baiyan’s eyelids jumped. The next second, a ball of thorns rolled out of the dry grass, rolled and rolled, stopped in the corner of the box, and then stopped moving. After a while, he furtively showed his eyes,side impact beams, and then carefully stretched out his soft flesh-colored limbs. Duan Baiyan was extremely surprised: “..?” What is this? Pokémon? Can you even change? He and the little animal with the small black bean eyes looked at each other in the empty silence. It’s a live hedgehog. The next second of the reaction, Duan Baiyan didn’t even think about it. He immediately brushed his cold face and put the lid back with a “bang”: “Dispose of it immediately. I don’t care whether you want to send it back the same way or throw it away. I don’t want to see living things other than human beings in my house.” Aunt hesitated: “This should be your friend, sent to your pet, right?” “Oh.” Duan Baiyan snorted coldly, “pet?”? This smelly and ugly creature, I can not let it appear in my home in this life, this life is impossible,Precision steel tubes, quickly throw away quickly let it roll! Aunt did not speak. For a long time, he heard a small noise and turned around suspiciously. I found that Jiang Zhuli had already gone downstairs by himself. She was standing on her toes at the table in the plush bunny slippers he had bought, looking into the huge box. She watched quietly and carefully, her eyes unblinking, the soft giraffe tail on her pajamas and trousers motionless, her fingers clasped on the edge of the brown box, like white and beautiful suet white jade. Duan Baiyan held his hands with a cold face. Thought, what’s the use of looking? Even if she had seen through the box, he would have thrown away the ugly and stinking creature. Jiang Zhuli looked at it for a long time, then turned around and pointed out earnestly: “Your cactus will move.” Duan Baiyan laughed. “Why are you more blind than me?” He went over and poked her symbolically in the head. He started very lightly, Jiang Zhuli was still startled, subconsciously stepped back, two hands covered his head, precision welded tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, and the antlers on the sleeves of his pajamas shook and shook. Duan Baiyan instantly exploded a string of fireworks in his heart. Shit, this is so cute. He couldn’t help rubbing her. “Do you have a cute switch on your head?” Jiang Zhuli blinked, more concerned about the big box: “This in the box.” Is it a bamboo rat, a squirrel, or a groundhog? Duan Baiyan showed no mercy: “It’s a hedgehog.” Jiang Zhuli: “…” After a pause, she whispered, “Are you going to throw it away?” “No.” Without thinking, Duan Baiyan said, “I’m going to kill and eat it.” Jiang Zhuli was a little shocked: “But it, it looks like it’s not very easy to eat.” “Why,” Duan Baiyan asked idly, “do you want to keep it?” Jiang Zhuli nodded. Duan Baiyan leaned forward slightly and put his face in front of her. The implication is very obvious. Without thinking about it, Jiang Zhuli leaned over and kissed him on the lips. A kiss that leaves at a touch, the breath is soft and warm. Duan Baiyan was stunned. Without waiting for him to react again, Jiang Zhuli had already hugged the big box and ran upstairs. Auntie sees he is stupefied in place, ask: “Gentleman, still throw?” Duan Baiyan’s Adam’s apple rolls: “Stay..” Keep it.
    ” “Where can I raise it?” Without hesitation, Duan Baiyan said, “Let it run at home, run wild, and go anywhere.” Aunt Jiang Zhuli lived in Duan Baiyan’s home for more than a week, and Chen Tangsanwu came to find Cheng Xixi from time to time to complain to her about Duan Dao’s indifference and arbitrariness. Cheng Xixi’s ears almost heard the cocoon. So she’s going to ask her little Lili out to play and see what’s going on. To be fair, Cheng Xixi doesn’t know Duan Baiyan, but if her best friend is unhappy, she will try her best to get her out of Duan’s house. Bathing, burning incense and changing clothes, Cheng Xixi made sure that the location of peach blossoms was correct, and piously dialed Xiong Ke’s phone: “Big Bear.” Xiong Ke picked it up, his voice polite and distant: “Hello.” “Well, I’m Cheng Xixi.” “I know.” After she got his phone number, she almost called him and broke it. It happened that he was not very good at blackening her, so he kept pestering her like this. My little best friend.. It’s Zhu Li. She’s living with Duan Baiyan recently. I’m a little worried about her. This is not a lie, she is really concerned about her, “just want to ask, how is Zhu Li’s mental condition recently, I am not convenient to ask her out to play?” Jiang Zhuli is too worried about giving people trouble, if she goes directly to the appointment, there is a great possibility that Jiang Zhuli, even if he does not want to go out to play, will show that he wants to go out to play in order to accompany her. So, he needs to confirm the perspective of others first. Lately Xiong Ke frowned slightly, “Miss Jiang is still the same,stainless steel tube 304, no better, no worse.” “So.” Cheng Xixi is very clever. “What about the white flame?”? Is he good to Zhu Li? Xiong Ke got stuck: “He…” He took his cell phone and turned his eyes to Duan Baiyan, who was holding a cactus and grinning in the living room. cbiesautomotive.com