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    She remembered that when she was in the botanical garden, she admitted that he was her boyfriend in front of Qiao Huaining and Ouyang Fei. She was in a trance, but she still said to him perfunctorily, “You have long been my boyfriend!” “I’m not talking about that.” “Which one do you say?” “Alas!”! Let’s go. I’m tired after playing all day. I’ll call you in the evening. “No.” Lin Xiaonian remembered that she would stay late in the study room at night, and she had only done half of the CET-6 simulation questions. Uh Yu Yu snorted coolly. Lin Xiaonian just reacted, now, he is her nominal real boyfriend, “I will return to the dormitory at eleven o’clock, if you are not afraid of too late.” The news that Yu Gongzi and Lin Xiaonian were in love quickly spread all over the campus. Besides, there were two outstanding journalists in the dormitory. Shen looked at Lin Xiaonian before and after March: “Act quickly. Have you captured Yu Gongzi so quickly?” Lin Xiaonian Na Na can not speak, she can not explain her in order to deceive Qiao Huaining and impulse, recognized Yu Yu this fake boyfriend, so, can only smile in the face of the eyes of March inquiry, guilty nod. But Ge Yan was happy to see his success and said, “Childe Yu is good. Lin Xiaonian, you are lucky.” Only Guan Lan does not speak, perhaps is embarrassed to say, only pretends to be busy to make the bed. Later,deep draw stamping, Yu Youyu really called before going to bed and told Lin Xiaonian about a classmate urinating on the school flag when he went to the Fragrant Hills to enjoy the red leaves last year. “He was really anxious, so everyone surrounded the school flag to help him solve it. At that time, he may have accidentally splashed on the flag.” Lin Xiaonian laughed, “I thought he had spread his urine on it.” Her misunderstanding made Yu Yu laugh. “Why are you so imaginative?” “That’s what I thought when Xue Bing said it!” She explained. After talking for a long time, Lin Xiaonian suddenly came to his senses. The two of them did not sleep in the middle of the night. They contributed to Netcom through the telephone line, and discussed a topic that was extremely unnutritious. So they quickly said they were sleepy and hung up the phone. In the dormitory, Ge Yan and Shen Sanyue listened to them on the phone and laughed. It was estimated that if they continued to talk, the whole dormitory would have to suffer internal injuries after a while. Rolling on the bed in March,die casting parts, Shen laughed and said, “I’ve never seen such a young couple. Good night phone calls actually argue about people urinating, and they talk so happily!” Chapter 4 True and False Love Section 1 In a very short time, Yu Yu took office and became Lin Xiaonian’s boyfriend! He helped her get a seat in the study room, boiled water for her, bought snacks for her, asked her to go shopping together, and so on. In short, he tried to take care of his “girlfriend” like most boys. Until Lin Hsiao-nien felt flattered and said, “That, that Elder Martial Brother Yu..” It took him a long time to speak quickly. “Elder Martial Brother Yu, are you making a mistake?”? You don’t have to be so nice to me! Yu Yu stared at her and said, “Even if you are acting, Magnetic Drain Plug ,car radiator cap, you should be dedicated, right?”? What do you know? You little girl. Little girl! Lin Xiaonian remembered that Qiao Huaining had also called her a little girl, and she remembered that he said, “The little girl is really sensible!” At that time, she was very reluctant to retort: “Do not call me a little girl, I am not small.” That was said to Qiao Huaining. She was not small at all, and she loved him a lot, but he didn’t understand. But, she knows, she knows everything: he just doesn’t love her and treats her as a dispensable sister next door. Remembering these, Lin Xiaonian felt sad for no reason in his heart. He stared back at Yu Yu and said, “Who says I don’t understand?” Childe Yu didn’t take it to heart either. “As long as you understand,” he said leisurely, “let’s go.” He put his hand on her waist and held her like a familiar lover. His palm has a burning temperature, through the single clothes, instantly spread to her skin, Lin Xiaonian was startled, hurriedly pushed aside his big hand: “What are you doing?” “What else can I do on a date?” Yu Childe answered as a matter of course.
    “Make an appointment with a big head ghost. If you go on like this, everyone will misunderstand you.” Lin Xiaonian protected his schoolbag tightly in front of his chest, fearing that Yu Youyu would approach again. Don’t you just want people to misunderstand me and pull me into the water? Yu Youyu asked a little lonely, that tone, that look implied no speech to say the desolation, but, such an expression is only a moment, Lin Xiaonian also thought he was dazzled, because, after a second, his face immediately emerged a bad ruffian smile, “Let’s go, we go to B University to watch the basketball game, but your brother Huaining personally called to invite us!” “Qiao Huaining called you?” Lin Xiaonian had some doubts. The B college team has always had a league match with Z University, and everyone is familiar with it. Yu Yu explained “Ge Yan is accompanied by Peng Xing. What are you doing?” Since the last time after watching the movie, Peng Xing has been with Ge Yan walk closer, even Shen March and Guan Lan have seen, Peng Xing but full of strength in the pursuit of Ge Yan ah. “I..” I went back to the dormitory to wash clothes. Lin Xiaonian finds other excuses. Yu Youyu is not happy, “Lin Xiaonian, you just don’t want to go?”? What are you afraid of? Who else can eat you? ‘ She really did not want to go, she did not want to see Qiao Huaining and Ouyang Fei’s affectionate appearance, so bright love, in her vision is always so dazzling. Coward! Yu Yu made fun of her. “If you don’t want to go, call Qiao Huaining in person.”. I wish you wouldn’t go! “Why?” Whether she goes or not, what does it have to do with him? “If you don’t go, we’ll find a quiet place for a date alone. How beautiful it would be!” Yu Gongzi stared at her chest, which was covered by her schoolbag. Lin Xiaonian has a big head. “I have something to do.” I have to date even if I have something to do. This is an obligation! ” He actually emphasized power and obligation to her and wasted her study of law. Holding her dizzy head in her hands,titanium machining parts, she kept reciting Amitabha. How could she meet such an unreasonable person? She gritted her teeth and said bravely, “OK, don’t you just watch a ball game?”? I go 。 autoparts-dx.com