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    A campaign of this scale will not be able to see the whole situation at a glance. Looking around, fighting stretches to the skyline, people are like standing in the center of the endless purgatory, every moment, there are countless people bloody battlefield. No one came to pursue the matter that Zuo led two mysterious strangers to the front line. Jin Wu’s mood did not become relaxed, but more heavy. At this moment, he did not know what was right and what was wrong. When he was thinking about the ultimate problem of life in silence, he was surprised to find that the man and the woman had come back. Jin Wu: “..” “General Jinwu, what’s going on?!” Sang yuan asked in great surprise, “Why is there a fight?” Jin Wu:.. Didn’t you instigate it? Sang is far away frightened: “I am not I did not do not talk nonsense.” Jin Wu looked at You Wuming and saw that his expression was calm with a wisp of loss. You Wuming said, “I haven’t fought for a long time. I got the evidence that I killed Huangfujun. How can it be a dog-eat-dog?” He was genuinely puzzled. Jin Wu: “..” I’m not afraid to die, but I don’t want to be silenced. But anyway, it’s always good to fight. What’s that? Sang yuan suddenly stared at a war situation. Where the fight is the most intense, you can see that it is the battle circle of the two masters. Tiandu master, want to save Jiang Yanji back, Dongzhou naturally refused to let go of the big fish in the mouth, also sent the blade of the blade, the two sides fought fiercely. Not far from the battle circle,wire nail machine manufacturers, the soil splashed with blood, and a lightning-like shadow jumped out of the ground. Before he could stand still, he began to roar to the sky, making a voice that was not like a human being. A battle of this scale is like a battle for space between the sea and the land. Just after the strange roar, on the invisible front line, the corpses on the ground suddenly shook violently, and the sound of “rumbling” rolled over the earth like rolling thunder. The ground fell to the bottom of the earth one after another,Nail machine supplier, and a crack stretching to the left and right skylines appeared on the earth. At that crack, countless things on all fours arched out one after another. Shaking in the roar of ShaSheng, faintly floated out of the frightened cry: “Hades!”! It’s the devil! Beware of the devil! On the front of Dongzhou and Tiandu, there was an army of demons! And their leader is the first to break through the earth, and then look up to the sky and scream, the king of the devil! As Han Shaoling said, it is a thing that looks no different from human beings. It stood upright, waving two arms that looked like human beings, and led the army of the underworld to attack the soldiers in Dongzhou. After the Hades army and the Dongzhou army were wrapped together, it turned its head stiffly, and then rushed straight at the Dongzhou masters who had entangled Jiang Yanji. The strength of the demon king of the underworld is terrible to the extreme, a face to face, there are three strong Dongzhou was torn in half with its claws. The encirclement was instantly torn a big hole, iron nail machine ,Automatic nail machine, Jiang Yanji under the escort of Qinwei, hurriedly retreated to Fengling city. Rao is Jiang Yanji all day long in the power of the big waves of people, experienced this fierce battle, but also pale, slightly flustered footsteps. The general hurried to report: “Emperor!”! Demon army appears on the battlefield, is it the first to suppress demons? Jiang Yanji’s eyes flashed violently. Such a great opportunity. Demons are clearly sent by God to help themselves, otherwise why do they only kill Dongzhou people?! At this time, it is natural to push the boat along with the current and destroy Huangfuxiong! Jiang Yanji made up her mind and looked at the generals with more white and less black eyes. Don’t pay attention to the devil, kill the Dongzhou rebel with all your strength! The general subconsciously wants to answer’yes’, passed the brain, suddenly stunned, incredibly looked up at Jiang Yanji. This time over, just a routine report, this is to get a positive answer to get rid of the devil, who knows Jiang Yanji said that there is no need to pay attention to the devil. Don’t pay attention to the devil?! The people of the Eighteen States of the Cloud Realm have been repeatedly instilled with the idea that the Hades are the mortal enemies of the human race and that they will never die with them. A big thing is no bigger than getting rid of the devil. But why did the emperor. The general is Dongying Wei Wei Lord, this time with Dongzhou war, he got ShuaiYin, do the commander in chief of the hundreds of thousands of troops.
    He frowned and reconfirmed, “Emperor!”! Whether to exterminate demons first! This time, it’s not a direct question. Jiang Yanji’s face was full of impatience: “I said, don’t worry about the devil, only fight Dongzhou people.” The general stared at her. You want to resist the decree?! “I dare not!” The general surnamed Wu pursed his lips tightly and retreated into the army with a frown. Such an order is really too weak! However, the emperor’s order is difficult to disobey, thinking for a moment, he helplessly passed down the order. At this moment, in the middle of the battle line, Dongzhou and Tiandu Army have been very tacitly consistent with the outside world, and have turned the knife edge to the ground inexplicably pouring out of the underworld tide. Eliminating demons has been the highest criterion engraved in the bones and blood of the soldiers in the eighteen States of Yunjing from generation to generation. At that moment, the strange order came down. At the same time, the east state army just received the order of priority to eliminate demons. The vanguard of the two sides strangled together, each heard the other side received orders, the faces of the two soldiers, coincidentally floated a long expression. Tiandu soldiers pulled out their ears subconsciously, showing clear and definite vacillation and hesitation on the battlefield for the first time. Everyone’s first reaction is-can’t be? Don’t fight the devil but fight people? You must have misheard me! At the moment, the demon king has Shun Shun Dangdang tore up a team of Dongzhou top fighting force, like a sharp blade, deep into the army of Dongzhou. As long as you follow it, without a few hours of kung fu, you can tear the six hundred thousand troops in the middle of the east state in half! The question is, follow the demons and kill the Terrans? Who can do this! In the chaos of the war, there was a strange vacuum of silence. Military orders are like mountains. Do you want to disobey them or follow your own heart? At this time,Automatic Nail Making Machine, the supervisor made a move and killed countless soldiers who looked hesitant in a row, killing the chicken to warn the monkey. To be beheaded by the supervisor on the battlefield is to implicate the whole family! Not for myself, but for my family! Tiandu men had no choice but to clench their teeth and aim their weapons at the Dongzhou Army. 3shardware.com