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    “Oh, why bother!” Pao-chueh rolled her eyes and quickly stopped her. “Don’t worry, Doctor Hua. Take your time and wash it. I happen to have a companion, don’t I?” Say, take off your clothes quickly. When Hua Fei heard this, she was a little anxious: “If you let the princess take a bath with you, aren’t all the secrets exposed thoroughly?!”! Hurriedly he rose from the water and clattered along the edge of the pond. Just as he was about to climb out of the pool, he looked up and saw Bao-chueh standing naked in front of him. His face turned red and he nearly spurted two nosebleeds. He hurriedly lowered his head and retreated into the pool, but his mind kept repeating the glimpses he had just seen: long straight thighs, smooth and delicate skin. And the grass where the treasure is hidden. Bao Jue did not know that Hua Bilian had undergone a great deal of stimulation, so she happily went down to the pool. In the hazy fog, she saw Hua Bilian curled up in the water, only showing her beautiful white jade red face. Her long wet hair was floating on the surface of the water. Under the waves, her trademark black butterfly was still tightly clasped around her neck, forming a very magnificent and elegant picture. She walked to Hua Bilian’s side and put one hand on her shoulder hidden in the water: “Hua Taiyi, I think…” “Hua Fei jumped up as if she had been electrocuted. She took a few steps back and looked at Bao Jue in a panic.” …… Talk to you about Ziyu. Bao-chueh’s words were in her mouth and she could not go on. Hua Bilian’s retreat startled her, and she forgot all about the speech she had thought of. “After a long silent confrontation, Pao-chueh said,” I knew you had a problem, but I didn’t realize that’s why you refused to marry Ziyu. With that, she sighed lightly and gazed into Hua Bilian’s eyes, showing pity, sympathy, and deep regret. What. What Hua Fei asked in a daze,High Speed Nail Making Machine, but the second monk couldn’t make head or tail of it. Breasts! Don’t you feel inferior because you are Princess Taiping, so you don’t want to marry Ziyu? Said Pao-chueh with a look of course. It turned out that as soon as Hua Fei was nervous, she stood up straight unconsciously. The water in the pool was just above his abdomen at this time. The place where he obviously did not have the secondary sexual characteristics of a woman let Bao Jue see it at a glance. What. What’Princess Taiping ‘ah? Hua Fei still didn’t understand that she was at best a little doctor now. When did the emperor give her the title of “Princess”? When did you become a royal relative? Pao-chueh felt the flatness of Hua Bilian’s chest and said, “Here!”! This is it!.. Strange, you haven’t done bodybuilding, have you? How can it be so hard? Confused by the touch of the bottom of her hand, she rubbed it repeatedly-how could it seem to be similar to Wen’er? Isn’t Hua Taiyi a woman? Hey! No wonder I have to be willing to marry, and sure enough, this condition is a little worse. No! The difference is too much! “Princess!” Only then did Hua Fei understand. Ashamed and annoyed, she pulled down Pao-chueh’s hand and said angrily, “How could you do that?!” “What’s in it?” Pao-chueh didn’t agree. “We’re all women. It’s nothing to touch you twice. If you’re a man, I’m eating your tofu. Anyway, you’re a woman. If I touch you a few times, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail machine supplier, you won’t suffer losses.” Hua Fei is speechless-she can’t confess at this time that she is really not a woman, but a man, right? Pao-chueh saw that he blushed and did not speak, thinking that he was ashamed and indignant because of his poor congenital condition. “Actually, you don’t have to care too much,” she said quickly. So what if you don’t have breasts? Ziyu won’t dislike you, I promise! Regardless of whether Ziyu would mind or not, she first served Huabilian a bowl of “hollow dumplings”. Hua Fei listened to have gas in the heart: “What do you take to make assurance?”? Even men and women are not clear, just want to understand other people’s minds? If you can really understand your boy’s mind, I, Hua Fei, will follow your surname! Angrily, he gave Bao-chueh a white look.
    “If..” If you really care.. Then you should get married earlier! Baojue looked at Hua Bilian with a smile. “You are a doctor, so naturally you should know that if you want to make your breasts bigger, the best way is to do more massage, and the most suitable person to do massage is naturally your husband.” When the time comes, can also add boudoir interest, is not a matter of killing two birds with one stone? When you have a baby in the future, it will be very difficult to feed the baby. That’s how I came here. If you don’t believe me, you can touch it. With these words, he took one of Hua Bilian’s hands and pressed it against his breast. Hua Fei’s face was almost red enough to bleed, but his hand, under the guidance of Bao Jue’s hands, climbed up Bao Jue’s towering breasts. The smooth and elastic touch made him linger and forget to leave. He couldn’t help rubbing his hands vigorously; His eyes were fascinated by the white, firm and graceful breasts, and the two red cherries at the top of them were trembling and undulating in the fog, which was particularly enchanting and erotic. Fascinated, he stroked the red cherries and watched them harden in his hands. “Well..” Pao-chueh was unprepared, and the feeling of comfort made her groan all of a sudden. When she heard her own ambiguous voice, she could not help but be stunned, and hurriedly pulled down the hand that was being used on her breast. You Did you agree to marry Ziyu? Bao-chueh asked calmly, not daring to look up at Hua Bilian, feeling very embarrassed. Pao-chueh raised her head doubtfully and was surprised to find that Hua Bilian was looking straight at her, and her eyes were faintly red. Hua Taiyi, how did you. “” Before Pao-chueh could say a word, Hua Bilian suddenly rubbed her body and rushed up, pressing her firmly against the wall of the bath. She put one hand around Pao-chueh’s waist and the other on her head, pressing her hard to her side, and at the same time frantically kissing Pao-Chueh’s lips, eyebrows,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, nose, and cheeks. It was like going crazy, completely missing the usual elegance and ease. Flower Hua Taiyi.. I I’m not.. Lace. Bao Jue tries hard to express her sexual orientation by taking advantage of Hua Bilian’s attack. 3shardware.com