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    The jade of the sage is a chicken rib for anyone, but it is a good thing for Yang Qi. These people never dreamed that Yang Qi could refine the jade of the sage. All right, wait a minute. I’ll estimate the price. The business was settled step by step. The governor went out again, as if he was reporting to the higher authorities. After a while, he came out with a perfect smile on his face: “The supplies you need are about three hundred perfect divine stones. At the same time, you need the baptism of heaven and man, one hundred at a time. You just gave one hundred, that is to say, you still need three hundred.” “Good!” Without saying a word, Yang Qi threw a bag out and fell into the hands of the governor. The governor took it over and watched it. After confirming that it was a perfect stone, his hands trembled slightly. Even if he was the governor, he had never got so much wealth in his life. A few hours later, when the governor gave the sacred stones to Yang Qi, he said, “Blood-robed Lao Zu, the supplies are ready for you. Now you can transport them back. At the same time, nine days later, the baptism of heaven and man will also prepare you. When you arrive here, I will take you into the transport array and arrive at the altar in the depths of the land of baptism, the city of silence, and the majestic kingdom of God for baptism.”. As for the matter that you want to buy the jade of the sage, the higher authorities are studying it,Coil nail machine, and they will not reply to you until you are baptized. You have shown that you have enough financial resources. “All right.” Yang Qi again took a fist-sized golden sphere, checked the supplies, showed a smile on his face, and returned to Blood Robe Island for transmission. Seven days and seven nights later, at the moment when the supplies arrived, the luck of Fengshen Gate soared again, this time more than doubled. At the same time, under the transformation of a large number of material elixirs, the disciples of Fengshen Gate began to grow by leaps and bounds. Every disciple almost cast their strength with wealth. Even the resources obtained by the princes and grandsons of the Immortal God Dynasty could not be more than one tenth of any inferior disciple of Fengshen Gate. The prince was even more shocked. He almost wanted to use his real body to go to Fengshen Gate in person to see what was going on,iron nail machine, but he endured it. After all, now the luck from the depths of Fengshen Gate was getting bigger and bigger, and the King of War in the land of the state was ready to move. He could not distinguish his mind from doing other things, so he had to concentrate on brewing. Nine days and nine nights later, Yang Qi came to the governor’s office again. This time, the governor waited for him and was much more polite to him. At the same time, the governor secretly observed his complexion and found that the breath of the “blood-robed ancestor” had become as deep as the sea and unfathomable. His heart is also confused: “What adventure did the old devil get?”? In a short period of time, the breath has changed so much that it is several times more powerful than me. Can those resources really be digested? I sent someone to monitor these days, but I didn’t find anything. The report went to the top, and the top agreed to his business of buying the jade of the sage. Anyway, we have studied the jade fragments of the sage for thousands of years, but they can’t be used at all. If they fall into the hands of this man, they are also a waste. Anyway, he was killed by the supreme God of the evil way because of his guilt. The fragment will still fall into our hands. ‘What’s The matter? Governor, have you promised me the business of buying the jade fragments of the sage? Yang Qi asked as soon as he met. Congratulations, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine price, tell you a piece of good news, our Tianren Dynasty, has always been adhering to the tradition, as long as there is a price, anything can be bought and sold, absolutely will not let any buyer disappointed, not to mention that you are already a VIP, we rely on your signboard, can play out a credibility, that is, any supreme God, can let him buy what he wants, this is very meaningful. The business reputation of the Heaven and Man Dynasty is now more and more extensive, and even some distant supreme gods prefer to fly for four or five years to come here and trade with us. In the long run, more and more distant supreme gods come, which is very beneficial to our luck. The governor explained to Yang Qi that he actually wanted him to feel at ease. How much is the jade fragment of the sage? Yang Qi asked, “It must be worth a lot.”.
    ” “Of course, the sage’s jade is said to be the same level of existence as the imprints of the gods. Although it is a fragment, countless people can’t understand the mystery, but if someone can understand the mystery, he can become a supreme, so the price on it is three thousand perfect divine stones!” As soon as the price was quoted, the governor looked at Yang Qi and knew that the blood-robed ancestor would not be able to take it out. Sure enough, Yang Qi’s face showed a look of shock: “Three thousand?”? Did I hear you right? Not three hundred? In fact, he did it on purpose, not to mention three thousand, even thirty thousand he could take out, but how could he promise? Such words will arouse the suspicion of many people, and when the time comes, the secret will be exposed, and the first Dynasty of heaven and man will pay attention to him. Even at the time of baptism, all kinds of means will be used. I heard it right. It’s three thousand. The governor’s face was expressionless again. I can’t take out so much wealth. Yang Qi sighed: “Hey.” See this thing, let it go. However, I will keep this business, and when I reach the infinite level of promotion, I will certainly get more wealth, and then I will buy it again. “Welcome at any time.” The governor’s reaction to Yang Qi was reasonable: “Let’s go and baptize now.” If Yang Qi said he could come up with three thousand perfect stones, then he would really have to use some means. Unexpectedly, I can directly buy the fragments of the sage’s jade, but I still can’t take it lightly, first accept the baptism, then pretend to be promoted, in one fell swoop make the blood robe Lao Zu reach the infinite level of will, at that time, to buy again, presumably these people dare not have any thoughts.. This plan, one link after another, they thought that I could not use the jade of the sage, after getting it, it was useless,Automatic Nail Making Machine, but it would be taken away by the supreme God of the devil, and then it would fall into their hands. This wishful thinking was good, but I didn’t know that the jade fragments of the sage would melt in my hands.. Yang Qi is also calculating. Chapter 1350 under the profound meaning of baptism. 3shardware.com