Connectivity Indices: Tools and infos

Dear colleagues,

here is some information concerning current and planned activities related to connectivity indices (WG4):

  • We encourage you to apply and evaluate existing indices in your study area(s), also for comparative purposes. To facilitate this, Marco Cavalli and Stefano Crema (thanks !) have made available their ArcGIS connectivity toolbox and a stand-alone software tool for the computation of the index of connectivity (Borselli et al., 2008; Cavalli et al., 2013). The software can be downloaded from the SedAlp project homepage (; this project investigates, among others, sediment connectivity in Alpine torrent systems. The tool has been added to our resource/software page ( Please let us know if you have any tools you wish to share!
  • If you’re planning to attend the WG4 breakout session during the Valencia meeting (and anyway if you like to participate in WG4 actions), please prepare 3 PPT slides that inform about (1) aims of your project also in relation to connectivity indices/modelling (2) description of study area (3) data available and methods used. PLEASE SEND YOUR PPT pages to Francesco no later than DECEMBER 20th
  • We have started an online database on where we will collect relevant references referring to connectivity indices. The database can be viewed on our website: . If you wish to add items you can login with the following information:
    user name: password: ConnecteurES1306
    We have already started with a list of relevant papers; please add papers you’re aware of in order to update our collection.
  • We’d like to remind you to send information (metadata) on your own study areas to WG2 via e-mail to Damià Vericat ( ). WG4 needs these data to identify study areas for case studies and comparative purposes
  • A think tank meeting is going to take place in Eichstätt, Germany, in February 2015. More details will be posted soon.

Thank you very much for your interest and collaboration. If you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you and… let’s make the ball rolling!
Tobias Heckmann & Francesco Brardinoni |