Working Group 3: Modelling Connectivity

The aim of WG3 is to integrate the new definitions developed in WG 1in existing model frameworks and test them with the new datasets provided by WG2, and where

appropriate, existing datasets. WG3 will incorporate a working strategy that includes model and data benchmarking, using model epistemology and structure; representation and testing of connectivity in models; data structures and compatibility. Three specific objectives have been designed.

•  consider model structures and how they can incorporate the advances proposed in

WGs 1 and 2.

•  Testing new datasets (provided by WG2) in existing structures.

•  Carry out an inter-comparison of the results of different models.

•  Interpret the results in terms of the provision of indices to inform and support the work

of WG4, and consider the implications for the management strategies of WG 5.

The working group leaders of WG3 are:

John Wainwright (email)

João Nunes (email)



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