Working Group 2: Measuring Approaches

WG2 will incorporate leading teams of scientists to compare and evaluate standardized protocols for field-based quantitative appraisal of water and sediment transport connec-

tivity at multiple temporal and spatial scales. Additionally, this WG will provide a series of tests data sets that will be available in a hierarchized data pool.WG2 will develop a

Working Strategy which, critically, incorporates two important and developing arenas.

•  The first arena: New technology: which can support a paradigm shift in the study of

landscape modelling. However, these technologies require efficient (and standardized)

data-processing protocols to overcome the challenges generated by the enormous

data sets and the systematic and random errors associated with data acquisition.

•  The second arena: Data processing and uncertainty analysis. This provides a robust

way to transform raw data into products and to filter out those data that can be

considered noise (not real), leaving those that we can confidently use to characterize

the structure and function of the landscape, and to identify consequent processes and


The working group leaders of WG2 are:

Damiá Vericat (email)

Richard Brazier (email)


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