Working Group 1: Theory Development

The first task of this Action is to develop a theoretical basis for the concept of water and sediment connectivity and its interaction with soils and the biota. This theory will provide a sound basis for quantification and indices of connectivity that will be usable across a diverse range of settings both at different spatial and temporal scales and in different climatic zones.

-Integrate advances from other disciplines.
-Review case studies of water and sediment connectivity from a diversity of European (and global) environments to test the robustness of our theoretical model.
-Merge a theoretical framework for water and sediment connectivity.
-Evaluate framework using focused case studies in a variety of climatic settings.
-Develop a probabilistic approach to conceptualising water and sediment connectivity.

The working group leaders of WG1 are:
Anthony Parsons (email)
Ronald Poeppl (email)


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