“Vineyards: Connecting dynamics, processes and farmers”

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In this COST-meeting, we want to present vineyards as field laboratory of connectivity studies, where vine growers and environment interact continuously. In these field laboratories, management practices and field measurements are combined. The task of the meeting is a deeper understanding of the connectivity of sediment and water flows in vineyards. Due to the specific management practices, detachment and transport processes such as splash, overland flow, and tillage erosion are particularly enhanced in vineyards.

The steep sloping vineyards of the Mosel Valley impressively display all relevant mechanisms and processes. The work of involved farmers and stakeholders can teach us how conventional and organic managements are conducted and how alternatives are developed.

The meeting is a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge between senior lecturers, farmers and young scientists.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Trier!


Venue and organisation:

Trier University – Dpt. of Physical Geography

Prof. Dr. Johannes B. Ries

Dr. Manuel Seeger

Jesús Rodrigo Comino

Dr. Thomas Iserloh

Dr. Miriam Marzen

Alexander-André Remke


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