Hydrological and Erosion processes in Mediterranean Landscapes:
Impacts of land management on connectivity

February, 28 to March, 5, 2016
Palermo (Italy)

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With this meeting, we want to further develop our understanding of the connectivity concept and to continue to jointly evaluate scientific and practical challenges and implications of connectivity with particular, but not exclusive, reference to the Mediterranean environment. Keynotes on rainfall and soil control on connectivity will be given to improve our basic knowledge of some factors influencing transfer of water and sediments along landscapes and watersheds. Hydrological connectivity will then be examined under different climatic environments, and the possible impacts of land-use changes and hydro-repellent soil conditions on water transfer processes will be highlighted. Connectivity of soil erosion processes will be discussed from both phenomenological and predictive points of view, including the use of emerging technologies. A provisional program is reported below. For each topic, there will be time for a discussion after the keynotes. Colleagues attending the meeting, and particularly young researchers, are warmly invited to consider this discussion as an opportunity to shortly speak of their research issues that could benefit by a collective exchange of opinions with a highly qualified group of scientists. At the end of the discussion, the chairman of the topic will have the task to give an answer to the following two questions: i) What does this work teach us about connectivity? ii) How can it be transferred to other research? Field excursions to the experimental station for soil erosion measurement “Sparacia” and “Feudo Arancio” winery and vineyards are planned. Field lectures will be given there to illustrate techniques and methodologies and to describe the research activity carried out at the field sites. Some touristic visit is under development, hopefully including “La Valle dei Templi” (Agrigento, south Sicily).

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Organizing committee
Vito Ferro – Giuseppe Giordano – Vincenzo Bagarello – Costanza Di Stefano – Luciano Gristina - Massimo Iovino – Giuseppe Provenzano – Francesco Giuseppe Carollo – Vincenzo Pampalone - Agata Novara – Nathalie Caraballo – Saskia Keesstra – Artemì Cerdà



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