CONNECTEUR-monitoring meeting in Israel ; December 4-8, 2016

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Zeelim 4Jan 2004

Photo (Itamar Shapira) The 2004 photo: Canyon formed within less than a decade in the Nahal Ze’elim fan by flash flood flow events into the receding Dead Sea. The Dead Sea and Jordan are in the background. Major bank erosion by a variety of mass wasting processes generates massive sediment accumulations transported by small flow events via direct bank-channel connectivity. Can these be accurately monitored?

This COST meeting will include several presentations and round table meetings and discussions as well as field trips involving a variety of issues of monitoring connectivity in the landscape. The 5-day program will involve a clockwise tour to field monitoring sites from the Mediterranean port city of Haifa and the Carmel Mountain NE to the Golan Heights and southwards via the agricultural Harod Valley and along the Lower Jordan River, the southern Baptism Site and the receding Dead Sea at the foot of Mount Mezada, then westwards to the northern Negev. The processes covered by field trips will include (1) runoff and sediment generation from post-fire Mediterranean forests, (2) Golan heights – runoff and erosion processes from agriculture lands, (3) evaluation of sediment production from overland and channelized erosion in paired agricultural fields and gullied overgrazed areas, (5) identification of sources of salinity and pollutants in an international border river, (6) evaluating runoff source and generation in arid catchments, (7) identifying bank-channel connectivity in a rapidly incising channel network and(8) monitoring hydraulics and bedload flux/texture at high resolution inclusive of flashflood bores.

The main theme of this meeting is monitoring landform connectivity-related processes at various spatial and temporal scales, disturbances and land uses. Attendees will have ample time to exchange knowledge and ideas during half day meetings at the University of Haifa, the Golan research institute and Mezada (Dead Sea) youth hostels and the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. These will take place during 4 of the five days, the 3rd day entirely dedicated to travelling to and between field sites. Evenings will be shared for informal discussions and socializing. We are excited to welcome the attendees and will gladly answer queries after the full program will have been advertised.

Lea Wittenberg and Jonathan Laronne

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