Registration is now open for the workshop/field meeting in Iceland (01/09-03/09)

Update 21/04/2015: Registration is now closed. You will receive an email shortly on whether or not you are eligible to come to the Iceland meeting or not.


There are limited spaces available (20) so please go ahead and register but wait for the official E-cost invitation before buying your plane tickets!The workshop is mainly focussed on working groups 2 & 3, so about measuring and modelling connectivity.  Registration at the bottom of this page.

Title: Observing and modelling Connectivity in the Icelandic study area Gunnarsholt

When: 1 Sep – 3 Sep 2015

Where: SCSI headquarters in Gunnarsholt, Hella, Iceland

What: workshop

Number of participants: 20


Observational datasets are essential to calibrate and validate numerical models on storm runoff, water flow pathways, water quality, erosion rates, sediment transport and ecosystem functioning, to name just a few. Depending on the objective and the model complexity different observational data sets are required to assure realistic modelling. In this 3 day workshop we will discuss measuring approaches and modelling approaches, in order to synthesize the conclusions from the two previous think tank meetings of WG2 (Measuring Approaches) and 3 (Modelling Connectivity).

We will focus our discussions on the study area around Gunnarsholt, the headquarters of the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI). The SCSI has collected over the last 100 years vast experience and data on land restoration, vegetation cover, to name just a few.

Within this discussion we will in particular assess the following aspects of connectivity:

•             Data on hydrology, sediment transport and/or Landscape Structure

•             Spatial and temporal scale of data stets

•             Key variables describing connectivity


Preliminary Program:

Day 1, morning: Introduction to the study area

Day 1, afternoon: Discussion of available datasets

Day 2, morning: Data requirements for modelling

Day2, afternoon: Conclusive statement

Day 3: Field visit

Registration is closed!