Hydrological and sediment connectivity following wildfires in Humid Mediterranean, Aveiro, Portugal

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When: 1 December – 3 December 2015

Where: Aveiro, Portugal

What: workshop

Number of participants: 20

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The earth surface processes team (esp; of CESAM, University of Aveiro, will be organizing a 3-day Connecteur field meeting on hydrological and sediment connectivity following wildfire from Tuesday, December 1 2015 till Thursday, December 3 2015.

Since wildfires are a common phenomenon in Portugal and since they can produce strong and sometime extreme hydrological and erosion responses, the esp team has done extensive field studies on post-fire runoff and erosion since 2005. The baseline approach has been to study runoff generation and the associated transport of sediments at multiple spatial as well as temporal scales, i.e. ranging from micro-plots (0.25-0.5 m2) to field-scale plots (>50 m2) and micro-catchments (10-50 ha) and from sub-hourly (catchment scale) to 1- to 2-weekly periods (plot scale). Although data analysis has mainly focused on the micro-plot data so far, the esp team has serious doubts if its multi-scale approach will be sufficient to clarify how connectivity changes with time-since-fire, mainly in response to the recovery of the vegetation.

The two main objectives of the field meeting in Aveiro will therefore be to discuss: (i) the suitability of multi-scale experimental designs to address hydrological and erosion connectivity; (ii) the design of field experiments that allow to test in an explicit manner existing concepts of connectivity and, in particular, their operationalization as indices and process descriptions. A full meeting day will be dedicated to each of these main objectives, while the third day will be to visit the foreseen case study area of the EU-FP7 RECARE project ( in Portugal on post-fire runoff and erosion mitigation (which is to be selected and instrumented following a wildfire during the summer of 2015).


Local organization committee

COST ES1306 members: Jan Jacob Keizer

João Pedro Nunes

António Ferreira (ESAC, IPC, Coimbra)

esp&RECARE members:  Flávio Silva

Martinho Martins

Liliana dos Santos



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