Final meeting of CONNECTEUR: Connecting European connectivity Research:

What we did and the way forward.

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date: 26-28 March 2018

venue: Venice, island of San Servolo

The final COST meeting  will provide the opportunity to conclude the research connectivity activity of the past 4 years, finalize publications, summarize main results achieved and discuss plans to be undertaken after the COST Action. It will be held in a small island of the Lagoon of Venice, a landscape strongly characterized by the interaction between human and its natural environment. Venice is located in the Veneto Region presents a large variety of environments encompassing alpine catchments, intensively cultivated terraced vineyard slopes and lowland agricultural areas. This diversity provides the opportunity to investigate connectivity in such diverse and related environments. In order to further consolidate connections among researchers and brain storming about ongoing and future projects, participants will be hosted in the peaceful San Servolo Island at just 10 minutes by boat from the heart of Venice.

Preliminary program

Some key note speakers will be invited to give an overview of the researches carried out on connectivity issues in the Veneto Region environments (alpine catchments, terraced and agricultural areas).

In the blocks dedicated to the different WGs, every WG leader will give a summary of the achievements and plans for after the COST Action and specific studies carried out in the frame of the COST will be presented.

day 1: key note speakers + wg 1 and 2

day 2: wg 3 and 4 + potential field trip (Venetian lagoon environment)

day 3: wg 5 + finalizing MC meeting. End at lunch to allow people to depart on this day.

More details will be provided later.


The Island of San Servolo, is located in the Venetian Lagoon front of famous piazza San Marco, was settled by Benedictine monks in the 8th century, became a psychiatric hospital after Napoleon’s conquest the Venetian Republic and continued to operate until 1978 when new laws mandated the closure of all psychiatric hospitals. In 2006, the island was re-opened to the public as it is today, hosting the Venice International University, a consortium of 17 universities from all over the world, including the University of Padova and the National Research Council (CNR), and organizing numerous art exhibitions, performances, and music festivals on the island.

Once you are in the historic center of Venice, the island of San Servolo can be reached by public transportation.

Organizing committee

Nadia Ursino – Dicea, University of Padova

Marco Cavalli – CNR IRPI Padova

Stefano Crema– CNR IRPI Padova

Paolo Tarolli – Tesaf, University of Padova

Sebastiano Trevisani, IUAV Venezia


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Registration is closed!