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Presentation (PDF)
WG1 ProgressTony ParsonsPresentation
WG2 ProgressSaskia KeesstraPresentation
WG3 ProgressJohn WainwrightPresentation
WG4 ProgressTobias HeckmannPresentation
WG5 ProgressEva MuellerPresentation
Theories of Hydrological ConnectivityMike KirkbyPresentation
Modelling connectivity in landscapes – Linking morphological complexity and sediment connectivityJantiene Baartmanpresentation
Connectivity and complex systems: learning from multi-disciplinary perspectivesLaura Turnbull (WG1)Presentation
Sediment (dis)connectivity: Taking theory towards measurement and applicationKirstie FryirsPresentation
Accounting for microtopography-driven overland flow connectivity at the subgrid scale in hydrological modelingCharles BielderPresentation
Catchment sediment fingerprinting: a tool for measuring connectivity?Hugh SmithPresentation
Hydrological Connectivity,
Landscape Connectivity,
Sedimentological Connectivity
and Complex Behavior of Agricultural Basins:
Modelling Approaches
Roger MoussaPresentation
Index of Sediment Connectivity: applications and future perspectivesMarco CavalliPresentation
Exploring flow-directional roughness: reflections on sediment connectivity
Sebastiano TrevisaniPresentation
Connectivity research in Rangárvellir
David FingerPresentation
Managing Groundwater -Surface Water InteractionMelissa SwartzPresentation
Connectivity in Environmental ManagementSophie TindalePresentation
Chris Soulsby
Doerthe Tetzlaff
Multi-proxy indices of hydrological connectivity
at multiple scales
Chris SoulsbyPresentation
Connecting people and the
supporting environmental
Stuart KininmonthPresentation