Connecteur Image Competition: “(Dis)Connectivity matters!”

Call for participation in the Connecteur Image Competition:
“(Dis)connections matter!”

Aim of the contest:
The aim of the contest is to show the importance of linkages, connections or – the other extreme – barriers and hurdles of any part of natural or artificial landscapes, above or below ground in regard to matter, energy or animal fluxes or connected and fragmented spatial patterns. The images may visualise the degree to which a system facilitates or prevent the movement of matter and energy through itself, where connectivity is understood as an emergent property of the system state. Images which highlight the interactions of human activities to enhance or reduce connectivity are welcome, as are pictures which highlight very specific aspects of connectivity research or water and land management practices.
Photographs, artwork and illustrations, computer generated and comic art will be accepted.
The winner of the Picture Competition “(Dis)connections matter” will be the participant who illustrates connectivity in the most bold-and-simple and at the same time eye-catching way.

Deadline for entries:
29 February 2016

Submission details:
Images (up to three per participant) should be sent together with your full name, affiliation, image caption and a declaration that you are the sole owner of the image; please add ‘Connecteur Image Competition’ in the subject of your email and send it to:

With your entry you agree that the images will become part of the Connecteur’s photographic archive on the Connecteur webpage and that it may be used in Connecteur’s outreach materials (website, leaflets, presentations, etc.) and by other Connecteur’s members to illustrate and promote connectivity research. When displaying your images on the Connecteur webpage, we will inform the Connecteur community that for any future display the name and affiliation of the image owner must be stated and that the owners of the image must be asked for their permission if their image is to be used for any scientific publications.

The winner will be chosen by a jury appointed by the Connecteur Action Chair and the Chair of WG 5. The winner will receive a special prize which will be awarded during the Connecteur Annual Meeting in 2016. The jury will also take into account the image caption.

Connecteur does not accept any liability for the publication of unlawfully reproduced images.

Images should be submitted as high quality JPEGs, tiff or pdf or eps files.
All information of this image competition is given on the Connecteur Image Competition Website:

Connecteur archive of submitted images
Follow this link for a list of the latest entries: Connecteur image archive

For more information contact Eva Nora Paton