Additional STSM funds available! Deadline for proposals 31 January 23:59

There are some extra funds for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) available because of under-spending at the meetings at the beginning of the year.

We have, therefore opened another call for STSM proposals to be submitted before January 31.

Please note that the STSM report needs to be handed in before Apil 15, so the stay needs to have ended before that!

You can submit your STSM proposals before 31 January 23:59. 

If you have any questions, please check out the following links:

General Information

How to Apply

STSM opportunities at European Institutes

If you still have questions after reading those pages please email Tony Parsons ( or Rens Masselink (

WG3 Modelling Exercise

Working Group 3 is conducting a modelling exercise to analyse connectivity using models. Our objectives are to determine if, and how:

  1. model ensembles can be used to understand the impact of landscape scenarios on connectivity
  2. simulated connectivity is linked with model structure

The exercise will be conducted in a virtual watershed, loosely based on the Giser experimental watershed (BE). Models will be applied with several field configurations and linear features, and their simulations of water and sediment connectivity will be compared and related with model structure. A full description of the exercise is here: Model comparison exercise design (18-04-2017). Workflow:

  • Preparation of input data: finished
  • Baseline: model comparison using reference run: ongoing (to be finished in March 2017)
  • Initial field test A: test run for preliminary scenario: ongoing
  • Other tests: not yet started


  • Model input parameters: Model input data-3 (12-12-2016)
  • DEM (1 meter, cut): dem (13-12-2016)
  • Connectivity features maps (including explanatory PPT): Other_maps (01-03-2017)

Exercise models:

  • EROSION3D: Marcus Schindewolf (TU Freiberg, DE)
  • FULLSWOF: Frédéric Darboux (INRA, FR)
  • LANDSOIL: Vincent Cantreul and Aurore Degre (U Liège, BE)
  • LISEM: Jantiene Baartman (Wageningen UR, NL)
  • MAHLERAN: Laura Turnbull and John Wainwright (Durham U, UK)
  • MCST: Peter Fiener and Florian Wilken (Augsburg U, DE)
  • SMODERP: Petr Kavka (Czech TU, CZ)
  • WATERSED: Olivier Cerdan and Thomas Grangeon (BRGM, FR)
  • Data preparation: Charles Bielders (UC Louvain, BE)
  • Data analysis: Rens Masselink (Wageningen UR, NL)
  • Organisation: João Pedro Nunes (U Lisbon, PT)

You’re welcome to join this list! Please email John Wainwright or João Pedro Nunes.

WG 2 Update

At the end of grant year 2 the second thinktank meeting of WG2 was held in Vienna, prior to the EGU. The meeting had 16 participants. The participants represented five different countries, including Australia and the United States of America.

In the documents below the main outcomes of the thinktank are discussed and one presentation by the keynote speaker Joe Wheaton.

Meeting report

Presentation slides J. Wheaton (DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3402.0729)



CONNECTEUR Training School

Within the framework of the COST action CONNECTEUR, we conducted a training school in July 2016 that was targeted mainly at young researchers in different stages of their PhD. It took place in Lasa, Val Venosta, Italy.
Read more: COST_TrainingSchool_Report

Second WG4 ThinkTank in Tallinn

From March 9th-10th, WG4 conducted a “think tank meeting” hosted by the University of Tallinn, Estonia. The second meeting of this group of 9 participants from 5 countries (Estonia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) had three main items on the agenda. Read more…:COST_ThinkTankWG4_Tallinn_Report

Connecteur Image Archive

Connecteur Image Competition:
“(Dis)connections matter!”

Read more…

Newsletter #1: Durham meeting, STSM update and Website updates

A first news letter was sent to all subscribers. You can also find the newsletter here

If you didn’t receive the newsletter, but would like to, please go here

WG4 Report Durham Meeting

On September 14th-16th, over 70 colleagues participated in the annual CONNECTEUR conference that took place at the university of Durham/UK.

The conference was structured by the topics of the five working groups, each of whom had half a day to present a progress report, Read more…

Stakeholder Questionnaire

Stakeholder questionnaire on the perceived relevance of connectivity issues

WG 5: Connectivity & Society

We established that we actually do not have a clear picture on the existing knowledge and perceived relevance of connectivity issues for stakeholders involved in real-world problems of water and land management. This apparent gap might critically slow down or hinder any transfer or knowledge exchange between the Connecteur COST Action and Society such as authorities, farmers, managers, advisers and policy makers) and will not allow to address actual requirements of the later.

Read more…

Communicating Connectivity

Think-tank meeting WG 5

Communicating Connectivity

April 2015, Berlin, COST Action ES 1306

Participants: Carly Maynard, Anthony Parsons, Tamara Hochstrasser, Anna Smetanova, Jose Lopez, Eva Mueller, Tobias Krüger, Axel Bronstert, Wolfgang Schwanghart, Martin Welp, Maria Piquer-Rodriguez, Jaime R. Garcia Marquez, Gemma Carr (not able to come), Richard Brazier (not able to come)

  Read more…